Thursday, 28 April 2011

Carte postal

Near where we stay in France is a fantastic brocante (junk shop) which I always visit when we are in the area (which is about once a year) It has boxes and boxes of postcards that are fabulous. Here are some of the ones I bought from there and also a local collectors fair.

This isn't even all of them!

The guy in the bottom left looks a heck of a lot creepier in real life!

I love the shading on them - some is done with such care and others aren't.

As you can tell I like the ones of people best!

Does anyone else think this looks like Ed Miliband? That last reference might allude those of you not interested in UK politics!

I buy these cards because they are very pretty and they make a nice collection. I am also planning on using some of them to make humorous greetings cards - I have a few catchphrases up my sleeve for some of them. I should say that my sister, her boyfriend and Matt all came up with humorous sayings too :)

I know that I have broken my nothing new pledge but I only get to go to the brocante once a year, if that, so I feel justified in buying them. The fact that I have also got phrases ready shows that they will be used soon too :)


Carrie said...

I LOVE brocantes - going back to Brittany this year again and have been saving ;)

june at noon said...

Justify, justify! :) Just kidding, it was a good purchase if you were going to make one! Like the idea of humorous cards, too.

dropstitch said...

Oh, no! I was just about to say I quite liked the look of the dapper chap in the mustard jersey until I a) saw the close-up and b) had his Ed Miliband-ness pointed out. Eugh! Off to scrub myself repeatedly...

Tweed Delights said...

These are fab! Happy card-making :D