Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wow - busy day!

The craft room tidying is going very nicely and got a good boost when my friend decided that the girls could go to hers for tea and that I wouldn't have to pick them up until 6.30pm! Woot!! So I had a huge block of time to play with and it didn't get wasted. I fixed the holes in two pairs of Anya's tights, cut some chickens out (I'm having a mammoth chicken sewing session one day this week!), made some business cards, sorted more scraps, sorted more fabric to go up to school, covered the addresses on jiffy envelopes so they can be used again, chopped up some cardboard, ripped pages out of damaged books, sorted some boxes and emptied 4 bags of stuff. That was all this morning too!

This afternoon was different though as one of the bags held lots and lots of skeins of embroidery thread that needed sorting (3 quid from a charity shop earlier in the year!) Fast forward 3 hours (yes really) and this is where I am. Actually I'm a bit further on than this as the picture was taken an hour ago but I still have all the browns and greys to sort!

All this sorting is well and good but I now have to find a place for this set of threads and the other one that used to live downstairs in the kitchen (don't tell me you don't have craft stuff in every room!)

This is where it is meant to live so I can sense some more sorting in my future! It's 6.15pm so I'd better go and get the girls from my wonderful friend. I'm helping her alter a dress so she won't mind me being a bit late I'm sure!


Jennifer Rose said...

i don't think there is a room in this house that doesn't have art/craft supplies in it lol you never know what room you might be in when the urge to create hits :)

Wendy said...

Yup, craft supplies in every room despite an uber-tidy Other Half who definitely doesn't understand! I keep hearing about you making business cards - would love to see a pic of some!!
I am trying to get on top of a re-organisation & mega-tidy in my studio so totally with you on the tidy-up!! x

WendyCarole said...

I have been sorting floss tthis week too. I notice that you have stored yours side ways so you can see the colours. This is the way my new boxes show in the diagram but i have always stored mine upwards so I can see the number written on the top. i must admit they don't fit the new boxes so well my way round.

Carrie said...

wow - you are so productive! And yep anyone who says they don't leave a trail of art supplies and inspiration in their wake is telling fibs! :)