Saturday, 2 April 2011

Progress in the craft room!

There is progress - really!

Look there is a clear desk! Of course it isn't now but the things that are on are just waiting to be put away and aren't piled there for the long term.

The scrap pile isn't threatening to fall over as much as it was before. It has been re-homed in a bigger basket and a lot of scraps went up to school as they are materials that fray easily and therefore are no good for business cards.

The drawers have come back into my craft room (they were originally near the door but kept leaning over) Now that they are wedged between the fabric shelves and the desk there is no room for them to fall over and it gives much needed storage space in here!

And the shelf that was wedged between the shelves and the desk has been turned on it's side and is now home to my ever growing button collection :) It's good up there actually as it means I don't need to stack button jars on top of each other and I can get to them all easily. However I do have 5 boxes of buttons that need to be sorted into these jars which will take a good while!

Next time the blog post might just be about something I am creating rather than just about the craft room being sorted :) I might surprise you!


Jo said...

A vast improvement. Looks lovely

Girl_Industries said...

Great inspiration! I will try and keep my eyes off those footballers and catch up with you.

Another trip to IKEA for shelving, a good tidy up and then I might even get back to proper crafting.

Tweed Delights said...

Ahhhhh, a lovely clear desk just waiting to be filled with creativity - deep joy :D!

june at noon said...

Good for you, Lynsey! You'll be even more productive and creative with all the space just calling for a project!

jojoebi said...

doing well, I will be posting my mess of a craft room this week, if I dare!
Where did you get that picture of the spotty tree in a blue frame, it is lovely