Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day!

After tweeting that we don't really do presents in this house Matt and the girls surprised me with some badges from Beanforest. I like Beanforest a lot!

I got this musical badge (even though I can't sing a note!) Because it really would be great if life was a musical although not if it took a turn for the worse like in the Buffy episode Once More With Feeling.

I also got these - one each from the girls. I like to think I am always the angel but.....

I already own this one and it is very true. I am the person that holds the door open for you and says 'Thank You' in a loud voice when you don't say it yourself! The midwife when I was giving birth to Anya thought it was very strange that I kept saying thanks to Matt when he was giving me things even during contractions but hey, that's just the way I roll!

I quite fancy these two badges too so just in case anyone is looking for Christmas.....

If you are a mum then I hope you are having a lovely Mothers Day and if you have a mum then I hope you are spoiling her :)

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Catherine said...

Those badges are great! How about what that says "So, like, whatever, yeah?"
I keep meaning to stitch that onto something!
Thanks for your comment on the blog, btw - clearly pants are a sticking point, so to speak!
x x x