Friday, 29 April 2011

We *heart* books!

A while ago Alex from Daisie Days wrote a post all about the books in her house and I thought what a good idea it was so here is my post about the books in our house. It's no secret that we love books so be warned as there are a lot of pictures ahead!

Utility room - all cook books

Dining room

Front room - the bottom of this cupboard is also full of books but I forgot to take a picture!

The girls reading corner which is at the bottom of the main stairs.

Tara's room


Anya's room

Matt's side of the bed - I forgot to take a picture of my side!

Craft room

Study - this is where we keep most of our books. And please note that the huge pile of Nat Geo mags have since gone and the whole room is a lot tidier as it is also our spare room and we had guests!

The landing outside the craft room and study.

So we have a fair few books! There is a box of books that are on Amazon waiting to be bought  so we are getting rid of a few of them :) One solution to the 'book problem'* is to stop buying books although with a local post office that sells second hand books at 50p it is tricky to resist temptation!

*I personally don't think that having a house full of books is a problem but some may disagree :)

Do you have lots of books? Show me pictures!!


flurogoddess said...

I have tons of books and I am loathe to throw them out. When I was 7, my teacher once said that she can't ever throw a book out because they are like friends. I think that's an amazing sentiment to have :) Plus it must have stuck with me since I remember it 20 years on!

Oh and thanks for blogging about Saltaire - I visited Salts Mill once with school and wanted to go back, but didn't really have a clue where it was until we went through it on the train one day on the way to the lakes, so we knew where it was, and it was a "one day we'll go to Saltaire" thing. But the festival looks amazing, so we will be coming to see you on the Monday :)

Jennifer Rose said...

a person can never have too many books :D we have lots of books, use to have more but a lot of mine are still in canada. I don't think there is any flat surface in this little house that isn't covered in book lol

Tip Top said...

Ah, its not too bad!! Just dont dust them cos once you start YOU CAN'T STOP!!!!!

WendyCarole said...

we love books too and I can't imagine getting rid of any. But lately I have wondered whether some of the paperback novels might have to go. We are running out of space

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

It took me a little while to get around to it but I've done our version of your post - we heart books too ;)

I love the "books are like friends" sentiment, flurogoddess. When I was 5, my teacher gave us a chocolate coated raisin for every book we finished. I developed a lifelong love of (fast) reading and choc raisins from that! ;)

jojoebi said...

as I type I am waiting for the new bookshelf to dry so that I can fill it up, there will be photos to follow..