Thursday, 18 March 2010

My Creative Space

I started early in my creative space this morning making these cakes - they look a little flat because I wanted to ice them.

Note to self - buy a decent icing set before attempting this again - they came out ok but I had lots of icing oooozing through the bag all over my hands (it was a kids one the girls had got for Christmas!)

I have also been making shortbread but I can't show you the finished items as they are for a birthday gift. Photo's tomorrow when the presents have been delivered!

I am continuing my gift tag re-stocking and it is very boring! I am getting on with it but they take a long time to make from scratch. I only have 88 sets (880 tags) to go! Wish me luck!!!

For more creative spacers check out Kootoyoo.


Martina said...

mmm, they look so yummy!
please can you tell me how do you make cupcakes flat? I always have to cut the 'pointy' bit after baking to have them flat :o/

june at noon said...

That's certainly a lot of tags. I know what you mean--those repetitive jobs are necessary but not very exciting after a while.

winnibriggs said...

Cakes look scrummy! Good luck with the tags, I'm back into making slippers for Easter & somehow my inspiration seems to have taken a few days off
Jenny x

Absolutely Small said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! What did you top them with? They're so cute!