Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Two more into the coop

Two new chicks that is!

Green Twist is in my Etsy shop

And pink flowery is in my Folksy shop. I've only had time to list these 2 but there are more waiting in the wings - hah, geddit?!


june at noon said...

Oooh, I'm loving the green fella. Must. Not. Click. To. Shop!

winnibriggs said...

They are both lovely, but I still love mine. He sits above my sewing machine in good company with my CK ones and my antique childs boot which was turned into a pincushion.
Jenny X

Tizzalicious said...

Nice fabrics!

Chloe' said...

oww they're soo cute!! Pretty please make some baby chicklet ones (^_^)

Origami Jewellery said...

I love them! They are both so cute! I also like the very pretty patterns :D