Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Back to it!

So the girls are now back at school and so that means I am back to full time Swirlyarts with a bit of part time Cuteable thrown in for good measure! I'm currently getting ready for Saturday which is the  Makers Fair Special in Saltaire (Victoria Hall) It is part of the Saltaire Festival so there will be plenty to do!

To get ready I am building up stock of my best selling gift tags and I've also tried out some new ones that you can see below.

I wasn't sure whether to go for the faux stitching around the edges but in the end I decided that it looked good and matches my cards! I'm going to get a few sets made for the fair (hopefully!) and they will all be made up of mixed colours and patterns.

And don't tell me your sewing doesn't end up covered with gift tags like this? No?? :)

P.S. Thanks for the comments on the brain vomit post. I'm just ignoring any thoughts like that for the moment and burying my head in the sand. It'll get figured out at some stage but I'm in the run up to Christmas now so....... :D


veronica said...

Good to see you back. Hope you make lots of sales at Saltaire. Vera.

Emma said...

Glad to see you are back, saw in the T&A about Saltaire fair this weekend, tempted to have a wonder over and check it out :)

Tip Top said...

Faux stitching looks fab! When I next see you I'll show you how I do it incase you want to vary it! Get me being the expert eh?!

Have a good time at the weekend - fingers crossed you sell shed loads!