Saturday, 15 September 2012

Notebooks, get your notebooks!

I have been planning some new style notebooks for a while but haven't done anything about the new design as I still have some old style in stock. So to get my bum into gear and actually start making the new notebooks I am offering the last 4 notebooks for sale at half price - yep half price! They are perfect for Christmas gifts!

In my Etsy shop you can find

It has 80 pages and measures 20cm by 29cm (8in x 11 1/2in)  and it's down to $5/£3.08 now.

This one also has 80 pages and measures 18cm by 25 cm (7in x 10in) and is also $5/£3.08. The tear on the front cover has been covered with some green striped washi tape which looks good :)

In my Folksy shop you can find

This one has 50 pages and measures 21cm by 18cm (8in x 7in) and is now down to £2.25/$3.64

And this one has 70 pages and measures 18cm by 27cm (7in x 10 1/2in) and is reduced in price to £3.25/$5.27

They are all filled with blank paper although some of this is reclaimed from local companies who have changed their headed paper etc. 

Go grab a bargain!

P.S. The new notebooks will still be made from book covers but will be refillable :)


Twiggy said...

Oooo lovely, I'm still using the lovely French one that I won from you, it's my ideas book - I have a lot of ideas - don't always do anything about them, mind you!!
Thanks so much for your lovely get well wishes
Twiggy x
PS Have a look at my latest post - fancy doing a talk or workshop for us in the next year - hmmm??

Laura Owen said...

Hi there, just wanted to say i love this :) x