Monday, 10 September 2012

Buttercups? More like buggercups!

We have a patch of buttercups in the back garden that I left because they covered up the soil quite nicely and looked good. However, I wanted them gone as that spot by the wall is perfect for beans/peas and I was claiming it back.

You can see they they spread out over the driveway a bit - they also spread through that plant on the right! They grow by putting out runners (like strawberries) and that means they are buggers to get out of the ground! And although their roots are fairy shallow they are strong! It took me and hour and a half to clear that patch!!

Ta da! It looks much better now and will be put to good use although not this year!

I also tied up the honeysuckle (I think it's honeysuckle anyway!) It had fallen onto the top of the bin and is much happier in it's new home. It also means I don't get wet through every time I need to put a black bag in the bin!


dropstitch said...

Buggercups! Chortle!

Tip Top said...

Yes it's honeysuckle. And feel free to get shut of my buggercups too. And Dandelions. and the other stuff that grows in the grass!!! And I bet if you look in the right direction, you can see how long our grass is in the back garden from your house!!!!

PS Well done - you're braver than me!