Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Charity shop goodies

I went to the charity shops in Accrington yesterday and found a few bargains :) I didn't have high hopes as the charity shop God's haven't been favourable of late but I did quite well!

I grabbed a nice pile of books! I finally found some damaged Christmas ones so expect some Christmas bunting soon. The recipes in Feast sound great and pretty varied and for £2 I couldn't resist (although it was a pain to lug back to the car as it's very heavy!) I also grabbed a couple of gardening magazines that focus on fruit and vegetables as I am determined to get some veggies going for next year!

I've pretended that I've bought this book for the girls but I think I might hide it in my studio :) It was only 50p and unused so I couldn't resist!

I spotted these Lisa Stickley notecards in TK Maxx a few weeks ago and very nearly bought them at £4.99. I'm glad that I didn't as I found the full set unopened in a shop today for £1.25!

This deer was hiding on a bottom shelf but I spotted his glory peeking out and snaffled him up. He is fabulous and made from a non shiny tinsel. I'm sure he is only meant for Christmas but he might have to stay out somewhere as he is fab! And the best bit - he was only 50p!

I also bought a green dress but is is plain one so is boring to photograph :)


KatGotTheCream said...

Good going love, nice haul!

WendyCarole said...

I love those Rose Flo books when i have seen them. Have often been tempted to get one :)

Anna said...

Very good! I think I would keep the colouring book too, it looks brilliant.

Tip Top said...

The deer is fab!!! I'm sure he'll blend in with each season!

AliceAndFlorence said...

Great finds! I do so love it when something jumps out at you, you're heart flips, as you know you've found a home for your find. If it's fabric, or clothing I am already thinking how I am going to use it. Plus it's contributing to a worthy cause!