Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Creative Space - playing with fabric

This morning I have been playing with fabric and it has been fun! I've been focused more on the upcycled paper side of Swirlyarts recently so it's been nice to get back to some fabric fondling!

I've finally found some interfacing that doesn't pucker my Liberty fabric when it's ironed on! So these will be used to make the long awaited Liberty chicken pincushion/paperweight range! Woooot! Hopefully they will make an appearance soon.

I've also been raiding my scrap pile to make some more business cards. I've sewed about 70 today to finish up the pile I had. My next task is to order some new card bits and also finish off these ones,  which should do me until Christmas!

And this is my favourite toy at the moment - my sidewinder bobbin winder :) Lots of fun to play with and so easy to use. It will come in handy for winding bobbins when my new spool rack finally arrives.

I'm joining in with this weeks Creative Space and if you want some yummy fabric scraps them you can get them from The Organic Stitch Company :)


Anna said...

I do love your business cards, I think they're such a brilliant idea!

Emma said...

I can't believe yours is pink! Mine is just ordinary white...*envy* LOL

Love Sundays said...

Your business cards are a very cool idea, I love too.