Friday, 14 September 2007

Crafty mojo

Well my crafty mojo has come back!! I've been busy making things for the craft fair (which is creeping ever closer) and I've even listed some other things in my etsy shop. My favourites are these Halloween tags.

Such a cute cat with the frankly, quite comical looking witch. They came from an old children's book (suprise that they are recycled!) all about a witch trying to tempt some children to do the wrong thing like play with fire and in the road. I'm making some tags shortly with the pictures of the children - they are very cool, typically 70's pictures.

I also made my very first pair of earrings!! I've been collecting old plastic bottles for a while now so that I could re-use the plastic. The fruit shoot bottles I have been collecting are slightly too thick to fit into my punches so I used the lid of an old margarine tub. Excuse the slightly dodgy photo - I was in a rush to show them off on Flickr and the forum!

Me and the girls have been out this afternoon to a play barn type thing and I've managed to sew lots of my paperweight chickens! Only two more to sew and stuff and then three in total to put the eyes on! Group photo coming later.

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