Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Mini notebooks

Matt came up with a super idea the other day to re-use the mounds of paper he brings home from work. Currently the girls use it to draw on but they don't really need piles and piles of it even though they are prolific drawers - Tara mostly on the sofa but... His idea was notebooks using the paper (you can only use one side) and repurposed cereal box etc. The recycling went out on Sunday night so I grabbed a few cereal boxes but I think that they have turned out so well that I wish I'd grabbed more!

Here's a picture of the three together

My favourite is this purple flower one and my mum will have one of the tea ones to go with her tea themed bag and badge that she is getting for her birthday!

Matt is becoming decidedly crafty - he came up with this idea and the idea for my paperweight chickens. He's a member of the craftsforum (nearly 300 posts!) and he sat sewing the other night - I'm glad I'm being a good influence on him!! He was sewing patches on this little chap - he is a spare Bo bear that we used to have for Anya but we won't be using him again so this one has been renamed Boris (he is Bo's cousin!) and he has come to live with us to snuggle Tara.

You can see from these pictures that it is quite dark and gloomy here - they were taken right by a window too!! Off to make some Christmas envelopes before getting Anya from nursery - busy busy!

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Anice said...

I love your note books they look fab!