Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Productive day!

Hmmmm - I didn't think I would get much done today as my lovely sister came down to see us but I've managed quite a lot. I'm rationing myself at the moment and I'm only going on the forum three times a day now which is very good for me! I'm going on first thing in a morning, when Anya is watching The Night Garden just before bed and then once before I go to bed. And it's actually working because I'm not tempted to just sit and browse the forum and pounce on every new post that comes in. It means I'm not doing as much as a moderator at the moment but Mr M I promise that it's only until I have enough stock for the craft fair!

Firstly I was meant to be making chickens so that I could take them away camping this weekend to add the finishing touches.

This is a pile of 10 paperweight chickens that need machine sewing tomorrow during Tara's nap and then they can be packed for the weekend along with beads for the eyes and rice for filling! So I can tick that off the list tomorrow when these have been done and then I can tick them off THE LIST after camping!

I also had a fab idea the other day after Matt bought me some super chicken things - he had them made actually. No pics yet but coming soon I promise! Anyway my idea was this. What do you think??

I've made Anya's at the mo with pinked edges so I will have to see how it turns out once sewn and Tara's has been hemmed which is more work but again we will see when they are sewn up tomorrow. Pre sewing I think I prefer the one with the pinked edges but we will see.

I also made some fabulous envelopes with wallpaper from those big sample books that you get in DIY shops. I've found a wonderful scrapstore near me and I got a couple of these books the other day - the colours of the paper is great.

They are to go with these cards that I made a while ago but I just haven't got round to showing you them. The paper on the cards came from an old book which was falling apart and recycling Lynsey didn't want it to go to waste!!

So all in all a productive day - long may the productiveness stay :)


Deanne said...

God why am I up so late!!! Oh I know the baby has only just gone to sleep!!! lol
I love the pinked edges too of the tshirt chicken.
Go for it, they are pretty cool.
Good Luck with the craft fair though. x

Tip Top said...

Pinked edges for me too!

picklesticks said...

I am so jealous of your productive day. I haven't had one in ages! Everything you are making looks great, as always.