Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sister's in law!

Aren't they great?

Matt's sister Nicola (and her husband John) bought us this little beauty for our wedding anniversary. I'm not sure Matt was too pleased but I was thrilled!!

Isn't it fab!!!! There is a brocante (junk shop) near to their house in France and it has to be THE best shop I have been into for a long time. There is so much dusty stuff in there and it's quite cheap. The only problem is that it is open very infrequently and often not at set times of the day so we took (mainly at my instigation) to popping out just to see if it was open! We'd been one day where I bought these and I'd spotted the little calender but hadn't bought it. Of course we were leaving the next day and when we went back to try and get it, it was shut. Bless them though Nic and John went back to get it!!!!! And I'm soooooo pleased - thanks guys!!

On to my other sister in law now. It Kate's 4oth birthday on Thursday (she is Matt's brothers wife) and I made her this card. Looking back at the pictures it looks as though the 4o is off to the bottom - it was meant to be like that to take advantage of the swirls near the bottom. It's only now that I look at it that it looks a bit odd!

Hopefully she will like it!

I spent most of today tearing pages out of magazines to turn into envelopes and I got couple of wallpaper sample books at the scrapstore the other day - they did not want to come out of the books they were in! Anyway, I'm spending the rest of the evening making those into envelopes!

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