Sunday, 16 September 2007

Stroppy Sunday

Well I think that Anya got out of bed the wrong side this morning because she has been in a funny mood all day! Every little thing has been a major incident - stubbed her toe in the kitchen and it became a reason for big tears. She was playing a game where she had to catch a train to go to a party but she missed the train and this prompted more tears. Matt and I tried lots of different remedies to get the tears to stop - get a taxi/helicopter/plane to the party, fly to the party, get the party to come to you - but none of them worked. She helped me to stuff one of my paperweight chickens and that stopped the strops for about 10 minutes but then she hurt her toe again! So we made soup!! I'd planned to make some anyway but as Tara was in bed I thought it might be a good idea to get Anya to 'help'. So here is a picture of Anya (and Big Bo of course) with the finished soup. I couldn't be bothered to stage the picture so here it is in the pan!

Here's Big Bo deciding that he wants some for his lunch too!!

Matt and the girls are heading to the park this afternoon so I am heading up to the craft room so that I can get some of the chickens I prepared last night made. Photo's later I promise!!


Tip Top said...

Kids eh?
But the soup looks mighty fine!

Esther said...

Anya looks like butter wouldn't melt, but can so relate to the stroppy Sunday syndrome!