Thursday, 27 September 2007

Places I sell my gorgeous things!

So I've had a Dawanda shop for a while now but I only had one product in there for a bit - I now have 4 products in there!! I's very easy to list things in there and it has the advantage of being Europe based rather than US based like Etsy. It just means that I've got another place to sell my products! I also sell on Tuggle which is UK based but it's quite difficult to get in to sell your things there - you have to fit what they are looking for and luckily I did! It also means that I can offer my nappy cakes there - I would do it on Etsy but there are lots on there and it wouldn't be worth trying to ship it because the cost would be exorbitant. I'm also selling at my first craft fair in just over a week (!) so it will be interesting to see how that goes!

Right best go and make tea now! Here's a picture of some tags that are on all 3 sites - I have lots of maps!

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