Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Well I could get used to this camping lark if the weather stays like this - such a big change from our first camping trip when it rained pretty much the whole time!

It was boiling on Friday when Sarah (my sister) and I put the tent up. Sarah is a campsite warden at the site and she had a day off so she came in very useful! Tara has discovered the joys of blackberries as you can see by this picture!

We picked about 4lb of blackberries over the weekend and we've made jam out of them - Anya took a jar up to nursery so that they could have it at snack time. Here's me and Anya picking some blackberries - we got scratched quite a bit but it is very addictive - we kept saying 'that's it, we've got enough' but then we would spot some others that looked delicious and start picking again!

We bought some all in one waterproof things for the girls and although we didn't need them during the day, they really came into their own first thing in the morning when the grass was still wet - ignore the Morrisons carrier bag in the background - it was our bin!

Breakfast al fresco - Tara loved eating outside as it meant she didn't have to sit down and could wander around as she was eating!

The campsite is right on Lake Windermere and is gorgeous - I could quite happily have sat down here all day looking at this view!

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The blueberry covered face is just too much!!

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