Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Another mention and 2 outfits

I've been mentioned on another blog - when it rains etc etc :) One of my Flickr photo's of some sheep cards has been featured on Soapbox. It's a blog that finds random things on Flickr - with other bits thrown in too!

I think it might be going into my blog reader this evening taking me back up to 300 blogs I read.

And the two outfits in the title - well these are some of the outfits I have been wearing over the pat couple of days. The first one I wore to Lancaster on Saturday when it looked nasty but the weather was actually gorgeous and I was very hot!

From the side view you can see why it was a bit of a problem to sit in the car! I had to wear the sash/scarf as the dress made me look pregnant - even more so than it does with the sash ;)

This outfit I wore to go out for lunch on Mon as it was my brother in law's birthday. The tights are purple although it's a bit tricky to see the colour.

And this outfit was 100% thrifted too - the granny shoes I bought on Sat in Lancaster.

And of course I wasn't allowed to have a photoshoot by myself!

And yes - my hair does seem to come out of the ponytail it is always in :)


noricum said...

Thanks for posting about my blog. :) It used to be a personal blog, but these days I'm just *so* busy, that hardly any of my personal stuff gets blogged. *sigh* The "found on flickr" posts are just so fast, though.

Tip Top said...

Love the Monday dress!!

Daisie said...

we still dig purple tights here!
have you given up on the wednesday weigh-in then?!