Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Views in my kitchen

Sorry it's not a crafty post today but I am going to try and list some more of my re-purposed stickers today so tomorrow's post will be abut those! Instead you are treated to some things that caught my attention this morning at breakfast time.

Freshly baked bread! I put this on overnight and we woke up to the smell of it cooking - yummy.

Tara deicded to help me sort out my fruity teabags yesterday and this is the result. Good job I love her!

Some seeds that were given to me by the lovely ladies at Sams (my local scrapstore). I'm not sure what they are but we are going to try some later in our egg sarnies.

My breakfast this morning. Organic bran flakes and blueberries - yum yum. Right I'm off to do another Cuteable post before picking Anya up from nursery. See you tomorrow.


Tizzalicious said...

Hmmm, yummie fresh bread!

Meridian Ariel said...

lovely fresh bread.. I really should make some sometime, the last bread I did was pizza base, homeade though.. as for crafting well I just posted a recipe for lime cheesecake... erm cooking is a craft! honest... :o)