Thursday, 8 May 2008


Sorry - I'll warn you that all I'm going to do in this post is moan so go away now if you don't like moaning minny's :)

When you plan to get some work done in an evening why oh why does something happen to stop it? This evening it was Tara screaming blue murder for an hour after I had put her to bed. I'd been up 5 times by the end (we believe in controlled crying in this house) but it wasn't working tonight. In the end I snuggled her until she fell asleep and patted her back when she woke up when I put her down. I then did the mummy shuffle out of her bedroom wincing with every step of our creaky Victorian floorboards! Luckily her crying didn't wake her sister up.

Does anyone else suffer from too much stuff syndrome? I took a (very full) black bag of toys to the charity shop yesterday and none of the stuff has been missed yet. We must have taken about 10 black bags to the charity shop over the past month and we still have stuff coming out of our ears! I've given 2 big bags of stuff to Ruth, a huge bag of wool to Alex and have a great big pile of stuff to sell. Speaking of which the craft room is looking fabulous (it should as it took me 4 bloody weeks to get it sorted!) but I don't have pictures yet. Tara walked in the other day after I had hoovered it and promptly told me that she could see floor! Well I should think so!

I think I need a weekend (preferable long) with no children so that I can tidy up without the usual shouts of 'She's doing........' from Anya or frustrated cries from Tara when she can't get something she wants! Anyone want to offer themselves up for the job?? They are good really!

Sorry no pictures as I can't be arsed to look on Flickr to sort one out!

EDITED - to add that the evening got better as I managed to get some more things listed on Etsy! And here's a piccie of one of the things!


Daisie said...

Hope Tara sleeps well and that tomorrow is a better day, big love!!

Tip Top said...

Bleughhhh!! Best laid plans and all that! Been there - but its usually sick rather than screaming (but yeah - leave em!!) in our house!

I know what you mean about a weekend of bliss - my last one was February and I did a craft fair so not really a stress free weekend.....

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh mate. I SOOO understand. If I was nearer I'd come and have them for the weekend. Evie constantly bemoans the fact that she doesn't have any brothers or sisters to play with. TWO little girls would be her idea of Heaven. hehe
Glad you got something done in the end tho'.
As for the too much stuff thing - ha just ask my OH! He hates all the clutter with a passion, but I have a mum who's addicted to car boots sales and can't go to one without bring a few things back for Evie and for me. While mine is usually useful stuff for crafting, Evie has more toys than she knows what to do with. But how do you tell her to stop without casuing offence?... Oops even my comment has turned into a moan!! Sorry.

trashalou said...

Dear Dr. Lynsey, i am currently suffering from an excessive case of stuff. Other than the traditional Bcube method (Black Bin Bag) (my children don't go much for traditions....) have you any suggestions for a cure?

yours sincerely, suffering patient.