Friday, 9 May 2008

Confession time!

Now I know I'm seen as a keen recycler and reuser of things but I used to have an environmental bad habit. It was these - surface wipes, use once and throw away.

Not good for the environment at all and I must admit that they are a big waste of money. However I did use them for a long time - years in fact. They are certainly easy to use but they always left my hands dry - not something that happens with what I use now. Which is this.

Ecover multi surface cleaner (which smells of natural lemon smell and works really well on floors) and some fabby new cloths. I saw the cloths mentioned on Flossie Teacakes and has to go and investigate them. They are bright, funky and are washable too so I need no longer have that skanky 'was wet and hasn't dried properly' cloth smell on my hands when I use a cloth!

And they are available in most supermarkets! They come in packs of three too so perfect for when I want the girls to help - they love the colours of them!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this site where people confess their sins, anonymously, online?

Migoto_Chou said...

Those sound wonderful! I've been trying to be more environmentally conscious lately, and the cleaning products was one thing I was having trouble with. I did find some all natural dish soap at the grocery store. I wish all that stuff wasn't so much more expensive!

Daisie said...

You've been tagged! XXX