Saturday, 17 May 2008

Charity shop chic!!

So these are the things I bought at the charity shop the other day. I'd had to drop the car off at the garage in a town nearby and it seemed rude not to go and visit the charity shops while we were there! First up I bought these two dresses - the shirtdress is from George originally and the linen one is from Priciples. I didn't try them on so if they don't fit then they will be going back to the charity shop!

I really like the navy stripes on the shirtdress and the flowers on the linen one but the linen one is going to bugger up my theory of not ironing!

It wasn't all stuff for me though - I did buy some things to craft with include some buttons for 90p and some lace and trim that was about £3. Oh and some patterns for me too!

I also picked up some spotty fabric which will probably be turned into a skirt/dress for the girls and a book that will be turned into something - possible envelopes, tags or badges. I also got some other books for the girls but I haven't taken a picture of those.

We also went into town today and I bought a vintage yellow sundress and an old German dictionary - no pics though so you will have to wait until a) I wear it and b) I make something with it!!

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twiggypeasticks said...

What a great haul, love the linen dress, it's v.pretty. I love linen clothes but they are a devil to iron !!!
Twiggy x