Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Stickers and a re-arranged shop!

I spent most of the first part of this evening making some stickers from recycled and re-purposed paper and I must admit that I LOVE my sticker making machine! I just need to buy a circular punch and then I'll be hot to trot with re-purposed stickers! No photo's yet as it's dark and the camera is all the way downstairs and I'm too lazy to go down the 2 and a half flights of stairs to get it!

I've also been re-arranging my Etsy shop and I've moved some things to clearance to clean it up a bit. I have so many ideas for new items to go into my shop but need to clear some of the older stuff out first. So all my wooly items are now half price - yep that's half price! Including these little beauties below.

Bright red coin purse now down to $4.25 - that's £2.18 folks!

And this beautiful mohair scarf is down to $7.50 which is £3.85.

Stock up early for Christmas presents and if you let me know at checkout that you read my blog then you will get a little extra something! I'm off back to make some more stickers!

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Tip Top said...

Love the phrase 'hot to trot' - had a good giggle over that one!!!

Can't wait to see the stickers - my mind is a racing!!