Friday, 16 May 2008

Exciting post!!

I know you are expecting a post about my fab charity shop finds (and that will be coming later I promise) but I arrived back from a friends to find some very exciting post! All 4 issues of Mixtape!!!!!!!

I've heard lots about it in blogland and was dying to get the latest issue but thought 'sod it' and bought all the previous issues too! I've been very good and haven't even flicked through them yet - I'm going to leave it until I get some child free time (ha ha ha ha!) I recognised the illustrations of Aunty Cookie straight away!

I also got this catalogue through the post so I can drool over things I can't afford (and frankly I wouldn't pay those prices anyway!).

But I have also just been out to my local craft store and bought a circle punch so I can turn the fancy bits of the catalogue into fab repurposed stickers! I just love recycling/reusing things!!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I wanna sticker machine!!! I wanna sticker machine!!! **stamps foot and has tantrum**

Tip Top said...

Your post is much more exciting than mine - not fair!!

Florence said...

Oh you lucky thing with all those copies of Mixtape to read...I read about it a couple of weeks ago on Small Things (I'd never heard of it before), but seeing yours all lined up like that is making me want to own them!