Saturday, 4 September 2010

3rd September was Stitch in Public day

No not that Stitch!*

This kind of stitching!

I was heading out of the door yesterday when I read a tweet from Mooosh saying that today was Stitch in Public Day** and that I should read Mr X Stitch for more details. I duly did and then took my embroidery to Ikea with me to do while Tara was playing after lunch. Notice the cakes in the background and where I am up to on the elephants ear?

What can I say? Stitching is hungry work!!

*Thanks to Matt for the idea of using the character Stitch :)

**I generally have a bag of stuff or my sewing box that I can grab when we are going out just in case there is a minute to do any sewing so most days are Stitch in Public days for me. The mums at ballet and those who go to the park after school have got used to me sitting down and sewing while chatting!

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