Friday, 17 September 2010

How new products are made in Swirlyland!

It normally starts with either day dreaming or some tidying up. This time it was tidying up the new chest of drawers in my craft room and the putting away of all my papers for envelopes.

'It's a pity that the pictures on these knitting patterns are too big to make gift tags out of' thought I. Then I spotted the back of a different pattern poking out (it evidently wanted to be used) and the cartoon light bulb went off in my head.

So out came my trusted tag punch and some papers were punch from knitting patterns.

The waste was put away into the recycling bin too! Aren't I a good girl!

My favourite bit is choosing pretty colours to work with.

Some doodles of balls of wool with needles were drawn onto a spare bit of pattern.

And eventually transferred to some of the actual paper tags (card and string will come later) Once I got to this stage though I wasn't sure - do they still look enough like balls of wool?

I drew one tag with two balls on to see if that made me happier and it did a bit but I'm still not sure - especially after Anya looked at the yellow ones and said I like your new bumble bee tags mummy!

What do you think? You can see the full size photographs on my Flickr if you still can't decide. It's whether enough people at craft fairs will recognise them as balls of wool.


Prem2Pram said...

As usual your ideas are awesome, I do think a picture of a pair of knitting needles with some knitting on might also work just as well.

flurogoddess said...

maybe make sure the needles carry on on the same line through the ball of wool - some of them look like they are bent in the middle ;)

Also how about making the ball smaller and the needles bigger?

Other than that, they totally rock!

Emma said...

I tweeted you a suggestion but I'm not sure if you saw it! You could use wool instead of string on them, which would give the customers a little clue.


CurlyPops said...

Supercute! They definitely look like balls of wool to me.
My favourite bit is choosing a pen colour too.

jojoebi said...

the wool looks like wool but the needles look bent to me, maybe use a ruler to make sure the needles stay straight.
hope that helps! thanks for sharing :o)

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Your first photo made me laugh. My sister used to knit mohair jumpers just like that one and wear them to work in the 80's! She still works at the same place, but thankfully does not wear the jumpers!!

GiddyStuff said...

Love these, would look fab dangling off handknitted gifts.
I sure my mum bought that pattern when I was a teen (and I said no to a new jumper!).

Nic said...

I think they look fab.

june at noon said...

I can definitely tell what they are, but I like the suggestion of making the yarn a little smaller so the needles are a little longer. You could also draw just a little tail of yarn coming from the ball to help with the imagery? Very cute!

Tip Top said...

Heheheh! Bees or balls - I think they look fab!

Crystal Velvet said...

OMG, I had that very jumper knitted for me by a neighbour. It used to shed hairs everywhere, but I loved it. It got to the stage where it has stretched and shed to such an extent that my mum made me part with it.
Long live 80's fashion!