Sunday, 19 September 2010

The benefits of sorting and tidying

No trust me - there are some benefits! I have found a great deal more stock than I thought I had and looking through my Flickr photographs I realised that I have photographs of the items but that they just haven't been listed yet! Things like this.

Actually I have just listed this as my September Star listing for today over on Folksy!

I also found a lot of cute little sticker sets that I am yet to list. I sell these online as you can look at the pictures of them and get a good feel for what stickers are in each set. I haven't yet sold them at craft fairs as I store them in some of the mini envelopes I make and they are not conducive to getting good sales if people can't see them! I am loathe to buy new packaging products just so that they can be seen (and you would only be able to see a few anyway) so can anyone else think of a good way to show them off at fairs. I was thinking of making up a selection of 'spares' so that people can handle them and see the size and type of stickers that are available but I'm not sure. And bear in mind that my table is normally full to bursting point anyway!!


averilpam said...

Would they all fit on an A4 sheet, you could stick them on then get it laminated, then people could see what is in the packs.

Tip Top said...

Use the photo of them on the front of the packaging (if it fits) so people can see what is inside