Thursday, 30 September 2010

Spotty pumps!!

As soon as I spotted these (get it?!) I knew that they had to be mine. I first spotted them on Sunday when the shop wasn't open but it was today when I went into town with my mum (who was visiting)

Aren't they fab?? And yes they are designed to be worn with black tights and no, I'm not too old to wear them :) I do feel a bit like Mr Tumble in them but we love Justin in this house so that is no biggie!

Best bit? They were only £1.99. I'm thinking of going back tomorrow to get a spare pair and maybe also the grey leopard ones........


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Ooh me likey - where are they from?
I now know who Mr Tumble is after just coming back from staying with my sister and my 3 yr old nieces - they are mad on him!

Keepapi Creative said...

Oh they are indeed fab! I can see the Mr Tumble reference. Can you wave quite as enthusiastically as he can? I love Justin. Esp giggle biz & his women characters. I think you need at least one spare pair at that price. possibly more.

Just Original said...

Bargain and gorgeous, I need a pair!

Vanessa x