Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I like charity shops

My thrifting buddies couldn't come with me yesterday but several nice people on Twitter suggested that I go by myself - so I did! I will apologise for the quality of the photographs now - the weather was awful last night and it was about 5pm when I took these. Only one item cost more than £3 and I will show that to you last. I got....

A lovely yellow shirt - it is much brighter than this in real life and I loved the lace detail.

A pretty jumper originally from Next - it was the detailing round the top that I liked.

A linen dress with white embroidery detail - this was £1!

Some books for me - I have the first HIVE book and was thrilled to find the next two. I just need to figure out what order they come in!

A pretty patchwork skirt - it looks nicer 'in the flesh'

Another skirt - the contrast in colours isn't as prominent in real life. This will be a great basic skirt to team my more colourful tops with! I also got a plain back skirt too for the same reason but didn't photograph it.

Some pajama's for Anya - brand new with tags on for £1 and the t-shirts in this range retail at £15!

A pillowcase and a machine appliqué book for 10p each.

Some books for Anya - she loves chapter books at the moment!

A nautical top - I couldn't resist that sequinned anchor! This is one of those longer tops designed to be worn with leggings or skinny jeans but seeing as I wear neither of those things I have yet to decide what I will wear it with! It may either become the world's snazziest nightshirt or I may take it up to become a normal top although the thought of sewing this kind of material scares me!

And the piece de resistance for me is this fabulous cardigan! It's all hand knitted and it cost me £3.75. I love it although it looks like it may well be too big for me - it would function as a nice warm coat when it's not raining out there which in this part of the world is probably 6 days!

A close up of the neck detail!

And just look at that wool - fabulous!! I have a thing for knitwear that other people would turn their noses up at - I have a great cardigan with bird houses all over it that I got in America which I love.

Hope you enjoy my bargains - and someone else tell me that they like the cardigan too so I don't look odd :)


CurlyPops said...

Op Shop Gold! I probably wouldn't leave the house with that cardigan on, but I definitely appreciate it for the time that it took to knit, and the fact that you'll be toasty and warm indeed.
I think my fave piece might be the patchwork skirt!

cupcakejojo said...

Yay! What fab finds. So glad you went and wow it was definitely a good thrifting shopping spree. What great bargains. Love the patchwork skirt too. Yay for thrifting & having first dibs on all the bargains!! :o)

Daisie said...

Love the first cardi and love Anya's PJs, really gutted that I couldn't come, next time...... xxxx

TopCat76 said...

That's a great haul of goodies, I'm very jealous of the Gerarld Durrell book. One of the few that we had to read at school that I actually loved!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Always better to go charity shopping on your own - so you get all the goodies! ;)

Emily said...

Wow you got so many goodies, I'm jealous! The charity shops around here want as much as the supermarket own brand clothes ranges it would seem, and about £2-£3 for tatty paperbacks which I just won't pay! Thankfully I've had some car boot sale bargains this summer though - Nothing better than a bargain! :)

Rebecca said...

oh my, so many wonderful things! I shall have to start going to charity shops again now the car boot season is almost over! I love the cardigan and the print on the pillowcase, lovely!

ladyhawthorne said...

I love the colors in your cardigan, wear it proudly!

Luna said...

Ooh snazzy cardi! If its too big you could always add a belt around the outside on the waist? I reckon it would look good! x

Tip Top said...

Go for the jim jam look!!

WendyCarole said...

I like the cardigan and would apprciate the work that went into knitting it