Thursday, 24 January 2008


To those who come to my blog to get their (well I won't say daily) dose of crafty goodness from Swirly HQ. Cuteable is taking up quite a bit of my time at the moment whilst we get into the swing of things and my actual crafting time has taken a back seat. It's strange though because now I don't actually have the time to make things, my brain is going into overdrive with fab ideas! I have made one thing but I can't show it to you yet because it is a birthday present for a little girl called Francesca over here.

I can show you though that my girls are very funny indeed! I was in the kitchen when I heard a loud grunting and stamping noise coming towards me and when I looked up I saw Anya walking through the house like this!

No wonder she was grunting - Daddy's boots have steel toecaps in them! Of course Tara wasn't content to have Anya take all the limelight!

Now I'm not saying that my girls like shoes but here's a cute piccie of little toes in her sisters dressing up shoes.

Hopefully more crafty stuff coming soon!


Tip Top said...

I visit daily!!

My boys dress up in my knee high black boots........!! Which is very funny too!

RandomNotions said...

oh they are totally adorable!

and yes its correct now thanks for changing that