Monday, 21 January 2008

Yesterday's outfit

After wearing jeans for the best part of a week due to the torrential rain we have been having in the UK I decided that I needed a change. So out came the skirts and dresses and I decided on this little beauty - whadda ya think??

I love the skirt - it's got a handpainted duck on it - what's not to love!

On another note there will be some piccies coming up of the lovely pressies I got for Christmas - well some of them anyway! My mum came over to see us today and brought the presents that we had to leave there due to lack of space! Matt's parents are over next week too so expect lots of gifty posts from me.

Right I am actually going to do some crafting now - I haven't done any for ages due to Cuteable and poor health etc so I am going to relish the opportunity to chop up some fabric!

1 comment:

Daisie said...

Love the skirt Lyns, how come I haven't seen that before!