Tuesday, 22 January 2008

First of the gifty posts!

Well I did promise lots of gift related posts didn't I?

Meet Mr Cumulus the Cloud - he's cute isn't he?? He's the perfect size for my morning cup of tea :) Hand painted by Katie Tree.

These books were also bought for me by Matt and they are perfect - I love old books, especially ones that tell me how to be a good housewife. Nothing rubs off on me though - I'm still a rubbish housewife! I love the picture below - I'm sure this is how Anya and Tara see me. A Ministering Angel rather than the mummy who makes them have nasty tasting medicine :)

I've also got to include this photo of a proud mummy moment - Anya's first model from nursery! It's a fairy cake maker - as in a machine that fairies use to make cakes rather than a machine to make fairy cakes. I was told off for getting it wrong :)

And who says that creativity doesn't run in families!


Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!!! Love the books and the cup! And a machine for fairies to make cakes.... has she seen Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory??!!

beeker said...

I love the cloud mug! It just makes you want to go lay in the grass and stare at the sky. I can't wait for spring.