Monday, 28 January 2008

Well I didn't intend to leave it this long!

Oopps! I hadn't realised that my last post was on Thursday! We've had a super busy weekend - sorted out a whole boot full of stuff to take to the charity shop on Saturday afternoon which was good. And it means we've finally got rid of the boxes of videos that were in my craft room - no excuse not to tidy that room now then! I've nearly caught up with the posts that I am writing in advance for Cuteable for while we are away, as I'm hoping not to do a great deal of anything on my actual birthday. It just means I will be super busy tonight and tomorrow night!

Right another one of my gifts at Christmas time was from my lovely sister Sarah. Sarah and me are so alike that we have been known to go to the same shop (in different towns but on the same day) and buy the exact same shirt - spooky!! Anyway she is very good at buying fab gifts for me and this Christmas was no exception.

I got a gnome book!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love gnomes!! And it's full of glossy photographs of gnomes in all kinds of places and situations. And I also found out that there is a gnome reserve in Devon so if we ever venture that way again then I know where I am going!!!

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Cate said...

What a great find! Have you ever seen this book? I've had it for years, and it's always been one of my faves.