Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas time

Picture heavy post - be warned!

Well we had a lovely Christmas - we spent time with my parents on Christmas day and then at Matt's parents on Boxing day. We'd already been at Matt's parents for a few days because Gramps (Matt's Grandad) was 94 just before Christmas.

Here's a picture of he girls opening their stocking presents. In out house stocking presents come from Santa and the other presents come from family and friends - otherwise there is no point in writing thank you cards ;)

Here's a piccie of me wearing my Christmas outfit - and it was all from the charity shop or gifts!

Here's my sister Sarah wearing her Christmas outfit of choice - the Ninja outfit.

Another piccie of the girls - here they are wearing their Christmas outfits made for them by Alex (which are fab by the way!!!)

Right back soon with more posts!!

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Laura B said...

happy new year!