Thursday, 10 January 2008

Phew - busy day!!!

And I think that is an understatement! I've been busy writing my first posts for the new venture Cuteable which became ours a few days ago but we were sorting out lots of boring stuff before we broke the good news to everyone! I *think* I've finally mastered wordpress too which gave me a bit of a headache to begin with but as I say I think it has sorted itself out for me now. I'm going to be super busy from now on but I will try to find time to pop in on here every day even if it's just to type some random blab - no change there then!!

I introduced the girls to this little beauty today and they thought it was very funny! Not as funny as I thought it was but then I do have the mind of a 6 year old sometimes :)

Edited to say - my husband is a genius! He showed me how to get a video onto my blog - so here for your pleasure are The Muppets with Mahna Mahna.


Tip Top said...

We all loved the clip!! especially Samuel! Guess what I've got in my head all night now!!!

Swirlyarts said...

Hah hah - it's great isn't it!!