Sunday, 6 January 2008


Well, before Christmas Matt and I had a huge tidy up of bits of the house and took about 6 black bin bags of stuff to the charity shop! We've started again today after sorting out loads of stuff to go to the tip and we already have another box of stuff to go to the charity shop! I also know that I have 3 huge boxes of stuff in the loft from when I used to be a teacher that I won't need ever again as I am never going back to that job :) I might give it to Anya's school if any of it will be of use to them - some of the games will be I'm sure. It will also give us enough room in the loft to put some of the stuff that is cluttering up the study at the moment!!
As my craft room is next to the study I have been popping in there to sort stuff out too and I have some things to put into the swap group on Flickr. There will be more coming soon I can assure you! Here's a couple of pictures.

Bag of leather scraps

Bag of bits of broken and tangled jewellery. Oh and the picture at the top is the view out of our study window over the park - we've been in the study tidying for most of today!

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