Thursday, 17 January 2008


Ever feel like you are having the worst day ever??? Got wet through on the way up to nursery this morning and got back to find that the man had tried to deliver the tv while we were out despite me asking the lady on the phone to try and do it at a time when I wouldn't be at nursery! I still have a headache from last Friday although not quite as bad and it turns out I have sinusitis which is very painful!! And then to top it off Cuteable is broken!!! Something to do with the php memory we think but Matt can't do anything about it at the moment because he can't access the right pages from work (bloody Government - pah!) and I haven't got a clue! The hosting people seem to be ignoring us too despite two separate service requests - ah well. Today can't get any worse can it???

I should be spending this time catching up with some crafty stuff but my face aches too much so I'm sat at the computer reading blogs instead!!


moosh said...

oh no! don't panic! i thought cuteable had gone quiet, i was missing my dose of cuteness at work. it will all work out, i promise!

Tip Top said...

These things are sent to try us! I blame it on the very wet rain at the moment!!
At least they didn't leave the telly in the sandpit hehehe!