Monday, 11 February 2008

Blogging outside!!

Well I am currently sat outside in the sun on the front garden bench blogging happily away - I could get used to this weather! I also didn't think I would get to do this as my old computer couldn't last for more than 2 minutes without being plugged in but I now have a new computer thanks to the old one being thrown on the floor by Tara - oopps!

I've been out here taking some photos of new products for Etsy and we have also been writing messages for the postman in chalk on the path. I should write one at the top of the steps to say 'Please shut the gate' as he always leaves it open!! I'll maybe stick to the hello message you can see at the start!

Here's Anya with the kisses she drew on the wall - she's quite pleased with herself!

The girls writing messages for the postman!

And here's the view I have over my garden and the park - quite pretty and beats looking at a pile of plastic toys on the carpet that need hoovering!

And because it was nice and bright this morning I decided to dig out one of my summery skirts (although it works with black tights) and my fab gold ballet pumps. Who says style has left Burnley!?


Daisie said...

Nice foot! X

Swirlyarts said...

Thanks :)

Tip Top said...

I hope the messages were polite!!

Sarah and Jack said...

man those are some cute kids!