Thursday, 28 February 2008

Doing boring things

I've been doing boring things today like tidying the dining room and putting the washing out - I've also been making card blanks so that I can get onto the exciting thing of assembling some cards tonight - it looks like I've been very productive today with that big pile! Tara likes them too! Although I think it's actually a determination to get into every photograph that she can!

I also took a photograph (finally!) of the sign that Wood Tattoo's did for the business. We are a limited company so we have to have the sign outside of the registered office - after he had put it up though Matt said that we should have got LTD put on it as it looks like it's the name of the house! Oh well!!

Also there are signs of spring in the garden - although I couldn't get a very good photo of the hydrangea' buds! You get the idea though!

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