Saturday, 23 February 2008

Busy day!

Phew - busy busy day! Our dishwasher broke before Christmas and we finally got round to taking the old one out today. I say we but it was Matt really. The fridge in our kitchen also broke so that went to the tip too. We then went to buy a new dishwasher and Matt fitted it - it's just finished it's second load of the evening. I'm thrilled to have one again because it means I won't have to 'waste' time washing up.

I also managed today to get Anya to clear out her crafty box. It was full of lots of bits of paper and other assorted rubbish. This is the little girl who will quite happily give away toys and books to the charity shop but won't let me throw random bits of plastic into the recycling because 'I can create something from that.' I've created a crafting monster!! I've also sorted out 3 bin bags full of stuff to go to the charity shop, Matt has put the new business sign up outside the front door, done 2 loads of washing and sorted out my jumpers. As I say busy day - not very exciting, but busy anyway! I didn't take any pictures of this exciting day so you will just have to make do with this instead - a better picture of the button blossoms which will soon be on Etsy.

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Tip Top said...

Need to see a pic of the new business sign!! Is this the woodtattoos one?!