Monday, 18 February 2008

Half term and jumble sales

Well it's half term this week and we've just got back from dropping Matt off at the airport to catch his flight to London.He had to fly back to a different airport on Friday night (long story) so his car was still at Manchester hence the early morning dash to the airport. The girls thought it was very exciting to be in the car in their pajamas and they enjoyed spotting the aeroplanes - oh and the pain au chocolate they had for breakfast!!

The jumble sale I blogged about in the last post has a 'Fill a black bin bag for £2' day on Saturday and it's great! There were 2 girls in the queue in front of me who looked (from the way they were dressed) like they would be going for the same things as me so I had to be quick! Luckily though they hadn't been before and I managed to get past them to the dresses and grab all the ones I'd spotted the day before. The one I really liked turned out to be a perfect fit so that'll be coming out in the summer! I've managed to add lots of items to my 'granny style' wardrobe so I'll be showing them over the next few days (weeks!). I'm sure some of you will think that they are hideous but oh well! Here's a sneaky peek of one jumper that'll need to be altered but it's the only thing I've got a photo of so far.

Right I'm going to put another load of washing on and chuck my children in the bath. We've got a lazy day planned with maybe some cake making and car washing later - hope you all have a good day!

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Tip Top said...

Was thinking of you and your elbows of steel!! Can't wait to see the pics - so c'mon!!