Saturday, 9 February 2008

Whooo hoo!!

Sorry I had to use that title as I have actual photographic proof that I have been crafting!!

Here's Anya wearing a dress that I made for Francesca for her 4th birthday. I have already been told that I must make some for Anya to wear when it gets warmer and I'm sure that Tara will want some too!

I also made a little monster for Francesca which she called Tara (no pun intended I'm sure!). I used some pink fabric that my sister gave me for my birthday ages ago and just made up my own pattern. The dress she is wearing is made from a sock - dead easy to do!

Francesca loved it too so that was a relief!

New York photo's coming soon I promise!


Tip Top said...


jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Lovely sock monster ... very strange for me to see though, as I have those socks and wear them regularly!! :o)

Shaz said...

These are so cute Swirly!