Saturday, 29 March 2008

Cute new envelope

I'm really pleased with the padded envelopes I have been making recently. I found another book of nursery rhymes that I must have bought at a charity shop or something but have no recollection of buying!! It's a really cute one from the 70's but the first 8 pages or so are all damaged, having been ripped and drawn on by the previous owners. So those pages are destined to become tags (as there are some usable illustrations) and the later pages are going to be envelopes. Here's one envelope that is going out to the Isle of Man today. I love the details on the illustrations.

The bottom 2 photographs are of the back of the envelopes with the nursery rhyme on - I've never heard this one. Have you? Expect to see more of these soon!!


The Go Mann said...

I remember the poem from when I was very small :) The book was Mother Goose Book of Rhymes!

Tip Top said...

I love these envelopes - I don't know how you can bear to use them!!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

I had this book as a child and managed to fight my sister for a copy of it in a charity shop recently. Couldn't bear to chop it up tho'. It's sitting on my shelf to be looked at and stroked from time to time. :0)