Monday, 17 March 2008

Shopping and orange dress!

We will start with the photo of me in my fab orange and yellow towelling dress that I bought at the jumble sale on the 'fill a black bag for £2 day' so it worked out at about 10p!! My kind of bargain! The girls had to be in the photograph too - Tara is copying my cheesy grin! Close up of the fabric below.

At the car boot I bought an autograph book from 1918 - I love vintage ephemera! My favourite 2 pictures are below although there is a sewing related one that I love in my Flickr photostream.

I also got an old dictionary which has some lovely illustrations but I haven't yet decided what to do with it - tags maybe but I will see.

I also bought a baby set for the girls consisting of a highchair, travel cot and a baby swing. It also came with a doll for Anya as she doesn't have one (Bo has always been her baby but she has wanted a doll for a little while now.) It was the best £5 I have spent. Tara is feeding her doll as I type and they spent a long time yesterday playing with it. I'm sure it will be played with when Anya gets back from nursery too.

I also went shopping with Alex in the afternoon to Boundry Mill as it is moving to a new site and everything was meant to be a bargain - it wasn't but I got two things for me and the rest was presents. I bought some knickers for me (which you won't be seeing!) and a fabulous bright pink knitted shrug from Windsmoor for £5! I'm sure it will be featured in some clothes photo's of me at some stage.

Bye for now.


Saysie said...

OK, I have to be honest, when you mentioned orange towelling dress yesterday, I was a little dubious!
But seeing the pic of it now, I love it, very funky!

Diana Evans said...

great orange dress...and great post...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tip Top said...

Your hair is down!!!!

Good to see the dress again too! said...

You all are precious!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

How funky is that dress! I love a good jumble. Went to my first in ages on Saturday and it was fill a bag for £1. Got 2 bagfuls of goodies including a typewriter. Forgot just how great they are.