Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Well now I know how it feels!

To be featured on a blog other than my own. Ok it has happened before but only now that I have Cuteable do I appreciate how nice it actually is! The lovely Skully from Autonomous Artisans mentioned my work - specifically my vintage flower Cheeky Chicken doorstop. It's really nice when crafters of the world unite. Thanks Skully :)

Speaking of crafting, I have actually been making some things of my own! Yesterday I whipped up these little beauties to add to the tasty tags section of my shop. I'd found the Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales book in the post office on Monday (it sells books on behalf of the local hospice) and it just jumped into my hands and begged to be made into envelopes! I took the pages out that were good enough to use for envelopes (they haven't been made yet) and the little illustrations were turned into the tags you see below. I also have some more tags to come but that will be (depending on sunlight) tomorrows post.

The illustrations are very varied and I love the one of the Tinderbox dog. To see more photo's then check out my flickr photo's or my Etsy shop.

I've also been making different kinds of envelopes but that will have to wait until I have made a few more - just photographing one doesn't work too well! I'll leave you with some more chickens - notecards available in the shop!


Colourart said...

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Tip Top said...

Love the cards!!