Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's amazing!

How much the weather can change from day to day. Yesterday it was snowing, hailing and raining but with bits of blue sky in between. Today the sun is out and the sky is a beautiful blue colour. It's still cold out there - hat and scarf weather for girls - but the washing is out and I'll be outside later taking photographs. It's amazing what a bit of sun can do!

I was very busy last night and yesterday finishing off little bits that have seemed to drag on forever. I have no photographs of these things yet as the sun hasn't hit the garden yet but when it does I'll take some pics!

Here's a picture of a card I made for my friend Jennie. I wanted to use up some of my larger buttons (of which I have a lot!) and I like the design but I'm not sure about the colouring in. The card I use is slightly 'ribbed' and the colour doesn't sit quite right on it. I do hope you know what I'm talking about here!! I'm going to try a different design but still using large buttons and I might try felt tipped pens to see if that makes a difference.

Right well I have an Etsy order to fill so I'd better go and crack on with that!


Tip Top said...

What about watercolour pencils? As then you can add a little water and it should blend better over the ribs!!

Daisie said...

Not 'ribbed for her pleasure' then?!!
I quite like the rustic look, the little thanks cards you did with the same card look really good.