Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I am always writing lists - shopping lists, to do lists, to make lists, things to buy in town lists etc etc I always feel guilty however when things aren't crossed off as quickly as I would like. Today I have decided that I will write a list of all the things I have done today (including boring things) so that I can see exactly what I do do in one day and then hopefully I won't feel guilty about not crossing things off my list!
I'll edit this post just before I go to bed tonight so you can see what I have done today - it's up to 12 things already!

Right here is the list - I've edited it now so things should make a bit more sense and I've moved the picture from at the end to the middle where it breaks up the long list! Also I was feeling sick and went to bed early - that's why there are no entries after 8.30

Showered 6.40

Got dressed

Made breakfast

Punched some paper flowers from a Cath Kidston catalogue

Loaded dishwasher and switched it on

Got girls dressed

Brush teeth

Straighten hair (don’t do it every day!)

Hung washing up on airer

Checked emails

Moderated comments on cuteable

Cleaned downstairs loo

Cut out cardboard for tags

Walked Anya up to nursery 8.40

Posted letters

Wrote a brief swirlyarts blog post

Responded to some emails

Put a load of washing on

Finished punching out flowers

Got Tara a snack of raisins

Made two banana cakes

Unloaded dishwasher

Cleaned up kitchen after baking

Put dirty cake making things in dishwasher

Sorted out some mags/newspapers to go into recycling

Changed Tara’s nappy

Made a cup of tea

Sat down and read emails

Sent out Cuteable advertising details to people

Picked up the pins that Tara managed to scatter all over the sofa!!

Swore as I find a pin stuck into my bum that I didn’t pick up

Hung next load of washing outside

Opened sites/pages for Cuteable article

Took cakes out of oven

Walked up to get Anya from nursery 11.15

Sliced up cakes – 1 to go in freezer.

Sat and read Now magazine for 10 mins while girls play

Made lunch and ate it! 12.20

Wrote Cuteable post

Responded to more emails

Cleared up lunch things and got some cake for girls

Looked through my blog reader ready for tomorrows clinks post

Asked a question on the crafts forum

Checked the Etsy forums

More emailing

Sorted some Flickr photo’s

Changed Tara’s nappy and put her for a snooze 1.15

Tidied our bedroom and put away the mountain of clothes piled up!

Hoovered our bedroom

Played with the girls for an hour or so while we were stripping the beds

Stripped the beds!

Sorted some stuff for the charity shop

Put the clothes in the dining room into baskets to go upstairs to be put away

Moderated some cuteable comments

Checked my email

Listed a OOAK doorstop on Etsy

Tidied up front room and kitchen

Put more stuff in the dishwasher and put it on again

Put potatoes on for tea 5.05

Moderated more cuteable comments

Through moderating comments I found a new blog for my reader!

Read some more of my magazine while tea was cooking

Had tea

Googled crafty tattoo’s as I am researching my next one!

Tidied up the tea things

Went upstairs to get the girls (and myself) in jama’s

Made our bed

Sorted the rest of the clothes out to put away

Put Anya’s clothes away while talking to Matt on phone

Put Tara to bed

Read story to Anya and put her to bed

Checked emails 7.15

Emptied dishwasher and wiped surfaces down

Swept floor and put another load of washing on

Wrote tomorrow’s clinks post for Cuteable

Updated blog 8.30

These next 2 things I did all day - managing grumpy children who don’t want to do what I ask them to and also all day sorting out bickering with them or just watching them play – I didn’t want to detail all of those things separately!

I have also counted the number of things done and it reaches an impressive 77 things! Hmmm, next time I am feeling down about not crossing things off my list then perhaps I should have a look here!


Fibrespace said...

Hello, if you're not too busy with cuteable, I've tagged you, the details are on my blog, love the envelopes.

Tip Top said...

Ahah!! I've started doing lists too - great feeling when all (well, nearly all!) are ticked off!!

Tip Top said...

Blimey!! And you found time to do a list??!!

Hope you are feeling better tommorow!

SewToBed said...

I see there are no toilet breaks listed - do you "hold it all in" or do you just not drink??

I too make lists - but normally just little ones - as I'm old and my memory is failing!!