Friday, 21 March 2008


I have been tagged by numerous people both here and over on Cuteable. Sorry for the delay in doing this but I have been a bit busy! Here are 7 exciting and interesting facts about little old me!

1. I have a phobia of water - not washing water (!) but large bodies of water like rivers, canals etc. I really don't like boats or even walking alongside waterways. It's strange really as I can swim but don't like to!

2. I LOVE charity shops, jumble sales, fleas markets, car boots sales - you get the picture. My ideal day would be to get up and go charity shopping all day. In fact when we were in New York recently we managed to find a flea market. I saw a beautiful bike but we couldn't get it home :)

3. I used to rock climb, abseil and go caving but I haven't been for years (I used to do it in the Guides). I really like the adrenaline rush!

4. I used to be 16st and a size 20/22 but now I'm 12 and a bit stone and a size 14/16. I'd like to get down another dress size and tone up a bit but don't we all!

5. Gosh this is hard! I love reading and used to read a book a day before the children came along but now it's limited to a chapter or two before bed.

6. I like Granny Chic dressing - even though I am only 30!

7. I love vintage ephemera - in fact any ephemera - but especially postcards, recipe books, ledgers, letters, autograph books etc etc. I also like using etc a lot!

There - I'm not going to tag anyone but if you would like to have a go just leave a comment and I'll come and have a look. If you want to see my last 7 facts then they are here.


Tip Top said...

Well I never!! I knew most apart from the Guides bit and water!!

Tizzalicious said...

IIie, I'm afraid of water too! You won't catch me near the edge of a river, and I HATE bridges!

Andie said...

Oh, I am loving that very cute belt.

Rascallion said...

Well I've learned something new today, I am also into "Granny Chic" (a term I have not until now). I just thought I was a "sweater girl"!